It’s Party time again! Are you ready?

As the major party season approaches we all dread the idea of planning and organising a party (at least I do!)

It always seems like a good idea, lots of friends, meeting up with people you haven’t seen in ages, the sound of Christmas music, Super snowman inviting you to a Christmas party!the food, the decorations how could you not want to? So we get carried away with the idea and tell everyone “Oh yes, I’ll have a party and invite everyone from work, family and friends we haven’t seen all year, it’ll be great!”

Then the light dawns ……. when am I going to find time for that?  Was I mad???

Why do we punish ourselves so much? As if we don’t have enough to do at Christmas with shopping, school events etc, etc.

Rudolph in party mode!So, the dreaded evening arrives when you really MUST write the invites – loads and loads of invites!

How can I make this easier and quicker? 

Well that was the question my Husband and I asked ourselves,  and basically, that’s where ‘My-Invitations’ came in!  A simple system that allows anyone to select the invitation they like (or upload a picture to create your own party invite), type in the details like the venue, date and time and finally put an entire list of guest names into one part of a page on the software and, hey presto, each invite is instantly converted to a personalised one!

And it gets even better because instead of waiting for  them to be professionally printed and posted, or even spending hours writing them by hand , you can print them out yourself straight away using your own printer! No waiting and a far reduced cost!  What could be better??  Well the cost of making these invites is only £2 for up to 50.  (No I don’t mean each one costs £2, you simply pay £2 for the lot!!) And guess what …. it even gives you 2 weeks to go back and change things around or add a few more guests to print!The office or family Christmas party

So, if you’re thinking about a party, why not give My-Invitations a go?  What could you loose?  It’s free to look around and only £2 if you want to use the invite you create….. and it doesn’t just have to be a Christmas party, why not try it out for birthdays, office parties, weddings, engagements, christenings ……………

Try it out at or on facebook


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