How do you make your Wedding cheaper without going CHEAP?

Well, as I’m sure we all know or remember a wedding IS NOT cheap! Anything but!! However there are ways and means to keep costs down without losing the ‘chicness’. How I hear you all cry  ……..  one of the first points of contact your guest has is that lovely invite, often posted, or given by hand to cherished guests.  How they look can set the tone for the rest of this grand occasion, because we all know but hate to admit it, we judge the affair by this first contact.  So, to make a good impression, we need to spend loads of cash don’t we? Or do we?

blank_insert_wedding_invitationOne of the biggest expenses is getting the invite you want printed up and personalised for each guest.  Wow, that does cost and takes a while.   So we began thinking of ways to save on this and came up with a simple insert that can be printed from your own computer and simply stuck into either a handmade card or an ‘off the shelf’ card.

Couldn’t be quicker or simpler, each guest is entered onto a long list along with the details of the wedding, and voila!  the system does the rest. ( why not visit

All you do is pay and print (£2 for  50+)

Even better, if you want to choose a wedding invitation water_marked_wedding_invitationand print it onto printable card or ‘posh’ paper so it appears to look like an ‘old fashioned’ formal invite or post card style then you can do that too!

And here’s the best bit, it doesn’t cost anymore!  Each one is still personalised!!

So you can have it all, low cost, less time, and all from your own printer for a one-off cost of £2 for as many as you need for your wedding – all in!!!!!

That’s how to make it cheap not CHEAP  🙂

To get started visit or find us on Facebook!


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